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Why Property Investment Is a Better Choice As Compared To Other Modes Of Investment During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Posted on Jan 18, 2022

The worldwide lockdown of the major countries of the world including developing nations like India under the COVID-19 crisis is surely going to have long-term future impacts on different sectors of the economies. The rapidly spreading Coronavirus has turned the world upside down and what immediate and long-term impacts will be faced by industries and businesses is a matter of concern for all of us. The Indian share market is also experiencing a sharp fall due to the COVID-19 crisis. So, real estate investment to buy commercial office spaces in Pune can be a good opportunity for investors.

In India, the sale of commercial real estate is estimated to remain robust in the year 2020 as they already hit a record of 60 million sq. ft. in the year 2019. The top commercial property in Viman Nagar Pune like Orville Business Port can be considered as the best example for this which offers exquisite office spaces, showrooms, shops, studio offices, and personal boutique suites. Moreover, the value of the property will appreciate in the long term as compared to other modes of investment. The stock market always involves a factor of uncertainty and the existing dropping of the Indian share market during coronavirus outbreak can be observed due to this.

The commercial property investment is not only a tangible investment but is a safer and less risky investment. This is because the stock prices can fluctuate in the short run which can be highly risky for the new and inexperienced investors. Most of the investors across the globe and in India are worried about the quickly spreading coronavirus and therefore, are pulling off their money back from the market, leading to falling in the global stock markets. But this is not so in case of real estate. Property investment provides an effective inflation hedge and the leverage is safer in real estate as compared to stocks, bonds and other types of investment.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis has also shown the way to real estate developers to develop properties that are embedded with the latest technology such as sensor doors to avoid human contact. The commercial spaces for sale in Pune such as Orville Business Port has AI security levels that offer the best experience to the users. Thus, automatic opening and closing of doors can be of great help in this crisis by avoiding human contact with the door surface. Thus, investing in such a commercial property will bring prosperity to your business.

All in All, this reflects that a wise investment decision such as investment in commercial real estate property in Pune not only help you in maximizing your money in the long term but can also prove to be highly profitable as compared to other modes of investment such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, especially during COVID-19 crisis. This is because the investor is not much affected due to the uncertainty factor in property investment which is one of the primary factors to be considered while investing share market and other investment options.

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